Frequent Questions

How to sell solo ads

First you'll need to enable your seller mode.

in order to activate your sellers mode you'll need to follow the verification steps below.

Firstly go to your profile and click the seller mode to green as shown below

Now you'll be asked to click continue setting up your seller account.

You need to complete all the following steps below

General Account Status:

  1. Upload your profile photo
  2. Verify your mobile number
  3. Verify your identity 

Seller Account Status

In order to enable your seller mode you must complete your profile settings below.

  1. Complete about me form
  2. Complete about my offer form
  3. Set bonus clicks
  4. Set default redirect URL

Below is each section you'll need to complete.

About Me (for search results)  This is where buyers will find you under find sellers section and it will display some short description about your offer (see example below)

You'll need to fill in the about me section and select which niches you work in. See example below:

Order Form Settings - You'll need to specify your price per click, Order quantity, and filter price as shown in the image below

About my offer - This section will display on your profile, you can list everything you offer as a seller. See example below.

Default Settings - This section you'll need to define the maximum bonus clicks to send by default, you can override this on individual orders. You'll also need to select the Default Redirect URL, this is where all filtered and blocked clicks will be redirected too. See example below.

FAQ section - You can add or edit FAQ's about your service. See example below:

Now your account is ready, you can now proceed to enable seller account status as shown below and your profile will now be active.

If you have any questions regarding setting up your sellers account just select the live chat button and our support will help you.