How Cleeko Protects You

Cleeko protection

Cleeko marketplace supervises both seller and the buyer in order to process a successful transaction between both parties.

  • All payments are supervised by Cleeko
  • All traffic is filtered through Cleeko’s custom click tracker
  • Buyers will only pay for traffic that’s passed through our filters
  • The seller will receive payment only once the traffic was 100% delivered
  • Buyers get a full in-depth click tracking statistic report  
  • Verifiable ratings from sellers and buyers only

Identity verification

All sellers go through a verification process using berbix, which uses smart facial biometrics technology to make sure the user is a real person. This prevents sellers from using multiple accounts and cheating the system.

Cleeko Click tracking filter

Cleeko has its own in-house click tracker, this allows us to control the traffic on every order with a complex system that’s heavily designed to catch fraudulent traffic in real time. Any such traffic is instantly filtered out, which means you don’t pay for it. 

Here is how Cleeko filters analyses traffic 

  • IP Reputation Scoring - Scores an IP based on its reputation, that means if its a low score its instantly filtered and you won't pay for that visitor.

  • Bots, Proxies, VPN, & TOR Connections - Identify high risk connections checking against a large database in real-time

  • Device Fingerprinting - Analyses data between devices to identify hijacked or fake virtual devices also known as emulators.

  • Machine Learning - Connect the dots between suspicious click patterns and potential click abuse and fraud.

  • Duplicate visitors - All visitors you receive on your order are 100% unique, any duplicates will be instantly filtered out.

Detecting this kind of traffic is our #1 priority, this allows buyers on cleeko to buy traffic stress free with a high profit potential.